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Parent Committees

     This committee provides an opportunity for parents, students staff, and administration to meet and discuss ideas and suggestions for maintaining and improving our schools. Some topics discussed are standards, graduation rate, attendance, and student achievement. This committee will meet on the following dates for the 2016/2017 school year in the Library.

Meeting Dates:
Please click on the date for notes from the meetings.
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After Prom
     This is a committee of parents who meet once a month prior to Prom to plan and organize the After Prom Party. All parents of any grade students are welcome. This committee offers many opportunities for parents to become involved in providing a drug-free, safe event for out students.

Interested? Your help is critical for a fun and safe evening for our children. We need your help!

Booster Clubs
     A number of our sport teams as well as student clubs and organizations have formed a booster club. They plan some fundraising projects and use the proceeds to support the efforts of students. The booster clubs also plan social events in networking among family members.
     Contact the individual club sponsor or sport coach for more information about how to join a specific booster club.