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Conduct Code & School Policies

The Jefferson County Public Schools Student and Family Handbook has been prepared to provide you with information relating to your rights and responsibilities.  In order for our policies and procedures to have the greatest possible positive effect, we need your cooperation. 

The Student and Family Handbook is being distributed electronically only and can be accessed by clicking here.  It is your, and/or your students responsibility to become familiar with the contents of the handbook.  The school has created the following options at school to access the Handbook and can assist you. 

1.      Computers available in the library

2.      Hard copies available in the main office

The school will also do instruction and training with your student concerning the Handbook to ensure that students are aware of the contents of the Handbook and understand their rights and responsibilities.  If you have any questions, please contact Chatfield Senior High School at 303-982-3670.

Toni Weller,
Aug 18, 2016, 10:13 AM