Mrs. Chapman's Language Arts Class 
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Language Arts
Helpful Resources:
*Problem/Solution Graphic Organizer- Link
*Slides Template- Link
* Rubric- Link

Reading Double Entry Journal:
Students are expected to make at least five journal entries per week as they read. Journal checks take place on Mondays.

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Helpful Resources:
(Please see calendar for other useful sources.)
- Reading Closely For Text Evidence (link)

    Helpful Resources:
    *Problem/Solution Graphic Organizer- Link
    *Slides Template- Link
    * Rubric- Link

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    Creative Writing
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    5/11 Dialogue Challenge- Link

    *Students are expected to write half a page EVERY DAY no exceptions. This is done to create a habit.

    Helpful Resources: 
    Examples of Blackout Poetry (link)
    *Student Survey (link)

    3/14-3/15 Pre-Assessment:
    Use your five senses to describe what is behind this door. Focus on letting your reader experience the setting.