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The site is designed to be a resource for school athletic directors and other staff who need information about facilities, sports guidelines and rules, fundraising and schedules. 

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Contact Information
Jim Thyfault
Executive Director of Athletics
 303-982-6557 fax 
Dawn Roberts 
Assistant to Executive Director 
 303-982-6634 phone
 303-982-6557 fax 
Nancy Perkins
District Athletics Technician
 303-982-6557 fax 
Dale Velichkoff
Officials' Assignor
 303-982-6557 fax 
Stadium Staff
Ezra Paddock
Manager of Stadium Operations 
 303-982-7272 phone
 303-231-0027 fax
John Sears
Jeffco Stadium Manager
 303-982-7272 phone
 303-237-5995 fax
Chris Gray
Lakewood Memorial Field Stadium Manager 
 303-982-7038 phone
 303-231-0814 fax
Tyler Dirschl
Trailblazer Stadium Manager
 303-982-0041 phone
 303-237-5011 fax
Sun Roesslein, CSFM
NAAC Stadium Manager
 303-982-7281 phone
 303-215-3429 fax
Christi Clay
NAAC Stadium Manager
 303-982-7281 phone
 303-215-3429 fax

Directory of High School Athletic Directors & Secretaries