7th Grade Science


Unit Goal: Students will understand that photosynthesis and cellular respiration are important processes by which matter and energy cycle through organisms.

Learning Targets: 
  • I can explain how an organism gives and receives energy.
  • I can determine importance from text.
  • I can use credible sources of information when researching ideas.
  • I can gather credible and accurate information from multiple sources.

Some Information you will need to find includes:

  • Geographic range
    • Where is it found?
    • Is it always found in the same place?does it migrate? If so, why?
  • Breeding Habits and Behavior
    • Where does it breed?
    • When does it breed?
    • How many offspring does it have?
  • Food Habits
    • What does it eat?
  • Predator or Prey
    • Is it a predator or prey species
    • If it is prey, what organisms prey upon it?

Go to the guided research page to begin your research using the questions on the handout.