Christopher Colucci

– Math Department Head and Senior seminar Advisor

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Greetings from Mr. C

I have been a teacher at Golden High School since 1999 and I feel it is a true privilege to teach here.  We have great staff and a nice new facility but the biggest reason I enjoy teaching at Golden High School is the community and parent support of our school.  This community support is reflected in how our students feel positive about being at Golden High School and this makes for an excellent teaching environment.

My back ground includes growing up in Michigan and going to school at CU-Boulder.  I graduated with a Mechanical Engineering Degree and worked close to 10 years as an engineer.  My last four years as an engineer I worked at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) on alternative fuels for transportation projects.  I was involved in the development of the School Bus of the Future (a very low emission, natural gas powered school bus with many additional safety features) that is now sold by Bluebird School Bus Company. 

While working at NREL I volunteered as an afterschool Science instructor at a Denver elementary and found out how much I enjoy working with kids.  At that time I decided to go back to school to get my teaching degree.  I spent a year at CSU in Project Promise (a cohort teaching program dedicated to people who were choosing teaching as a second career).  I started teaching in 1997 at Jefferson High School and have been at it ever since. 

During this time I have taught classes ranging from Pre-Algebra to Statistics and Discrete Math.  I enjoy teaching all levels of math and believe the key to teaching anything is to make a personal connection with students.  I work hard to get to know my students and earn their trust and by doing that I believe they will learn mathematics from me.  I also love showing students multiple ways of solving a math problem and letting them figure out which method works best for them.

Along with teaching I like being involved in other student activities.  During my years at Golden High School I have been the advisor for the Chess Club, been the Head Cross Country Coach, been a class advisor for student council and gone on trips with Golden’s Senior Seminar program.  Starting with the Spring of 2011 I became one of the faculty advisors for Senior Seminar  (see Chad Reid’s website for more details about the Senior Seminar Program).  I now spend half of my teaching time spring semester with the Senior Seminar Program.   

 Along with teaching I have many interests.  I enjoy many outdoor activities from trail running to water skiing and almost everything in between.  I love to travel and I usually am either thinking about or planning on next big family trip.  With my wife Monica, my son Sam, and daughter Sienna, we have been to France, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Botswanna, Namibia, Zimbabwae, South Africa and the Galapagos Islands. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at or call me at (303) 982-4189.


Chris Colucci

Math Teacher/Senior Seminar Advisor

Golden High School