Dr. Butterworth's Website

Life Science teacher at Green Mountain High School

I grew up in northern England and studied Horticulture at the Royal Botanical Gardens in London, Earth Science at Stirling University, Scotland, and Botany & Soil Science at the University of Reading. After five years working in publishing, I moved to the USA to study for my PhD at Iowa State University where I studied the evolution of cacti.

My studies, research, and work have allowed me to travel to many parts of the World including Ecuador (where I studied with shamen in the upper reaches of the Amazon); the Galapagos Islands; and desert regions of North and South America. I have also climbed mountains in the Alps, North Africa, and Alaska.

My wife is a Colorado native, and in 2010, we decided to leave the heat of Arizona for the Front Range – a move we have never regretted. In Colorado, I have taught Biology at the community colleges in Aurora and Arapahoe (Littleton), and high-school science (Earth, Biology, Physics, STEM, Biotechnology) at Clear Creek High School. I have been at Green Mountain High School since 2015.