Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Curriculum and Planning

What does it mean if a unit is under construction?

All stage 1 of Units of Study will be completed prior to teacher summer break.  If a unit is being adapted
through the month of May, it will be listed as under construction.  These labels will be removed in June. 
Please keep in mind that Stages 2 and 3 may be continuously updated throughout the year.

What if my current courses don’t have CAP documents?  (e.g., AP Physics) Do I still need to create a YAAG and go through this training?

All teachers—even those who don’t have CAP documents currently available—will access C-CAP and create a personalized home page with Years-at-a-Glance.  C-CAP will eventually be expanded to include other contents and levels, therefore understanding how to access this curriculum will help teachers find their curriculum when updates are made in the future. 

As we transition though, consider which other courses have curriculum and standards that you can support or connect to in your work.  Here are some questions to consider:

  • How can I connect to cross-content literacy and numeracy?
  • What other teachers might I team with to support students?
  • If I teach multi-grade courses, how could comparing the curriculum and the different grade levels support me?
  • What are my school goals and what other curriculum and resources could I access to support meeting those goals?
What students might I have in advisement, access, or other similar courses?  How could accessing the curriculum for those students help me support them?

What content areas are included in C-CAP? 

C-CAP currently includes English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Art, Music, and Physical Education for all grades.  In addition, World Language is included for middle and high school.  

ESL/Dual Language and CTE (Career and Technical Education) course curriculum is currently located on a website.  As C-CAP content is expanded, these courses will be included in the tool.

AP and IB curriculum is not currently part of C-CAP but we are working with teachers to add to C-CAP in a way that is effective for these teachers. 

 C-CAP will eventually include other courses and supports, so all teachers need to learn how to access the curriculum in C-CAP.

I typed “English Language Arts” into the content area filter, and nothing is showing up.  Where is the ELA curriculum? 

The Units of Study are aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards (CAS), and they have labeled the ELA standards as being part of “Reading, Writing, and Communicating.”  

 To find information related to ELA, please search under “Reading, Writing, and Communicating.”

What does the curriculum include?

Jeffco’s curriculum includes Stage 1 (Desired Results--What students need to know, understand, and be able to do); Stage 2 (Suggested and Required Assessment Evidence); and Stage 3 (Instructional Supports and Resources).  

 Stage 1 changes will be noted in the District Unit of Study Updates. Stage 2 and 3 supports will continue to be added throughout the year, so teachers should engage in C-CAP throughout the year to find updates.  

 The Common Core State Standards for Math, English Language Arts, and Literacy in Science & Social Studies are included in the Colorado Academic Standards; as such, they are also addressed in our curriculum.  


What is the difference between a Unit of Study and a Unit Plan? 

The Unit of Study is our shared guaranteed and viable curriculum.  It includes Stage 1 (Concepts, KUD’s, Essential Questions), Stage 2 Assessments (Required and Suggested) and Stage 3 Suggestions.  All teachers need to be able to access Units of Study

 The Unit Plan is developed by you in order to plan instruction for your students.  These are based on the Unit of Study but have been personalized by you. 

How do I use C-CAP to plan my unit?

C-CAP has several ways to plan from bundling KUDs to creating lesson plans.  To learn more about the planning options and the steps involved, please go to the training page and look for the Schoology course or check out the training manual.

I have questions about curriculum planning (e.g., what are the best ways to bundle for this unit?  Which pre-assessments should I consider for this unit of study? ) 

There are a number of people available to support us with instructional planning and decision-making.  Consider contacting your

  • Instructional Coach
  • Teacher Librarian
  • Instructional Leader
  • Administrators

Staff from Educational Research and Design  

Will my principal, instructional coach, or instructional leader have access to my Unit Plans?

Others will have access to your Unit Plans if you share this information with them, or if you choose to collaborate with them.  

Questions about Training

How do I get training? 

The primary training for C-CAP will be district supported.  There is a Schoology course, on-demand tutorial videos, and open lab times. Go to the training page for more details.

Though the supports are being created by the district, each school will determine how to learn about C-CAP in a way that meets school needs.  This is not a “train-the-trainer”model. 

Who can support me at my school? 

Each school will have a two person C-CAP Support Team.  These individuals are receiving deeper training and will be there to support you as you consider how to best use C-CAP as a tool for planning.  

Questions about Other Systems and C-CAP

What’s the difference between C-CAP and Schoology?

C-CAP hosts our guaranteed and viable curriculum, assessments and resources. It also provides a tool for collaborative planning and sharing.

Schoology is an online learning platform where students can participate in discussions, take quizzes, submit assignments, and access other online learning activities their teachers have created for them. Teachers also often use Schoology to participate in online learning communities and to access online professional learning. Schoology continues to be the learning platform used by Jeffco’s Virtual Academy and any classroom teachers wanting to incorporate blended learning activities in their classrooms

I am having technical difficulties accessing C-CAP (e.g., my login isn’t working, I’m getting error messages).  What should I do? 

Please submit a request through the Service Desk as you would for other systems.  This can happen through ESS or at 2-2200.