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There are many species of butterflies around the globe seeking to be found.               
All butterflies are special but nothing is more special than the Monarch butterfly.
Monarch butterflies are amazing creatures because of there distinctive color, diet, and migration to warmer climates.  
Learn the monarch life cycle where you get to see it grow from a small caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. 
Explore the Monarchs eating habits of milkweed and nectar from plants all round. Finally look around and see their glorious journey take flight from place to place during their migration to warmer climates.
Step inside this Monarch dream there is so much to see enjoy!

Monarch Butterflies

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Milkweed crisis

All around the globe
Milkweed In Late Summer milkweed is vanishing from our gardens one by one.
 Monarch Butterflies are dying. Milkweed helps Monarchs more ways than one. Inside milkweed when broken there is a poisonous milky sap called Cardiac Glycosides. It helps the Monarch Butterfly because if an animal eats them it gets sick and that helps Monarchs from getting eaten by
predators. I encourage you to plant milkweed and save the Monarchs source of food and protection.

Our Important Monarchs

Monarchs are not just pretty butterflies, but they are very important in our world. Monarch Butterflies are major pollinators to our flowers and without them we wouldn't have the flowers or crops we have today. Monarch Butterflies also indicate a healthy environment and healthy ecosystems. Also Monarch Butterflies have developed there own suite of chemicals to defer predators and parasites, find a mate, and overcome the chemical defenses of its host plant. Each plant of these chemicals has a potential values and could be exploited economically. 
Butterfly And Flower
For example powerful antibiotics have been found in the Meadow Brown, one of our commonest and widespread worldwide.