Period 1: 7th World Geography

Period 2: Prep (8:30-9:20)

Period 3: 7th World Geography

A Lunch: 10:20-10:55

Period 4: 8th U.S. History

Period 5: 8th U.S. History

Period 6: 8th U.S. History

7th Hour: Study Hall


Voice Mail: 303.982.2692



This is my 2nd year at D'Evelyn Jr./Sr. High School. I began my teaching career in a small mining town in Northern Idaho before moving to Denver seven years ago to marry my wonderful wife, Julie. I have a wildly entertaining 6-year-old, Natalie, a dog, a cat, two chickens, and two rats.


B.S. in Journalism and B.S. in Secondary Education (History and English) from the University of Idaho.

Master of Arts in History from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Brennan Gause