Bring Your Own Device

Blue Heron is excited to offer students the opportunity to bring their own device.  There are many different options of devices available to our students. We recommend Chromebooks because they are a simple device that allows students to access their Google accounts easily and are affordable. This is an option for our students not a requirement. Blue Heron does have Chromebooks available for students to use as they are available.  For more information on connecting to Jeffco's network click here.

Steps for accessing the Blue Heron Network (Please complete all steps):

  • Login to Jeffco Connect and complete the parents steps  log out
  • Student logs into Jeffco Connect with thier student ID # and their student password then complete the student steps with your child
  • Wait 24 hours for the system to register your student
  • Students can now join the Blue Heron Instructional network with their student ID # and password