Mr. Bickford Science

    We live on this speck called Earth - think about what you might do, today or tomorrow - and make the most of it.” 
    - Neil deGrasse Tyson

8th Grade Science

Welcome to 
7th Grade Science!!!
7th grade science allows us to explore multiple fields of science. We will touch base in Biology, Chemistry and Earth Science. Within each field we will dedicate our studies to the following: 
  • Biology - Cells and organisms. Photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Adaption and diversity of species.  
  • Chemistry - Separation of mixtures and substances
  • Earth Science - Fossils and changes that occur through geological events over time.
Welcome to 
8th Grade Science!!!
8th grade science allows students to continue their journey through their middle school career in science. We touch base in all the major fields of science: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics.
  • Astronomy -  The Solar System and the universe.
  • Biology -  Genetics (DNA and inheritance change)
  • Chemistry - Conservation of mass and energy.
  • Earth Science - Climate and ecosystems.
  • Physics - Forces and motion. Energy Transformation.