General Music at Kyffin Elementary

Class Schedule                     
  8:15-   9:00  6th Grade
  9:05-   9:50  5th Grade
  9:55- 10:40  4th Grade 
10:45- 11:30  3rd Grade
11:35- 12:20  Lunch
12:20-   1:05  2nd Grade
  1:10-   1:55  1st Grade
  2:00-   2:45   Planning
  3:00-   4:00  Choir Tuesdays Only 
Kyffin students enjoy one particular specials class for three days in a row.  After General Music, they go to PE, then Art and back to Music again.  

Kyffin General Music News    

1st grade--We are engaged in learning our first two solfege syllables, so and mi.  Next we will learn what a time signature is.    

2nd grade – Great job discovering four sixteenth notes beamed together (students call it “co-lo-ra-do”).  The dotted half note is next and there are some nice songs, but they are more challenging for seven and eight year old people.

3rd grade -- Third graders are learning a new melody note that is a step below low la (low so).

4th grade – We have been Circle Waltzing as we learn a new time signature.    

5th grade – “A Little Dance in D” is the name of the song we are learning to play on xylophones. 

6th grade –The Sixth Grade Performance of A Magical Mix-up is coming soon.  Mark your calendar:  Tuesday, May 1st, 3:30PM.  For details, please click on “Documents” in the left hand column and download “6th Grade Play 2018 flyer_letter.”  

Choir – Congratulations on a wonderful performance at the Rockies Game!  For details, please click on "Documents" in the left column and download the latest choir newsletter.  

 Mark your calendar for more fun:

April 25  Pops Rehearsal at GHS         3:30PM

April 26   Pops Concert at GHS            6:00PM

April 27     Pops Concert at GHS          6:00PM

May 10 Extra Mandatory Rehearsal     3:00PM

May 14  Extra Mandatory Rehearsal    3:00PM

May 15    Spring Concert                      3:30PM

May 16    Volunteer Tea                        9:00AM

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Mrs. Rebecca Gomez, General Music Teacher:
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