Department Points of Pride

  • Caseload average of 20 students per Learning Specialist-We know the value of time and contact with our students, so we work to keep our caseload numbers at a low teacher to student ratio.  

  • Co-taught Model-The co-teaching model of instruction is a research-based best practice to support student needs in the least restrictive environment.  At Bell, we offer co-taught English Language Arts and Math classes many hours of the day.  These classes are supported by a general education and special education teacher; both teachers work with all students to provide them the supports they need.   

  • Social and Emotional Learning Support-Through our Advisement and Bobcat times we offer social and emotional learning curriculum covering topics such as bullying, substance abuse, task prioritization, and self-awareness.  We have a Social-Emotional Specialist on-site to facilitate lessons and serve as a resource for all students.    

  • On-site school Social Worker-Our school Social Worker is dedicated full-time to servicing Bell Middle School students.  He works with small needs-based groups in a variety of settings.  

  • Growth Data- This past year students at Bell with IEPs showed 52% growth on Math state assessments.  Our current trends indicate we will continue to see impressive growth in Math, Reading, and Writing skills.

Our Vision

COLLABORATION: Team building, Problem solving skills (both academic and emotional), Peer relationships

CRITICAL THINKING: Evidence of cross-content learning, Real world application, Self reflection

CREATIVITY: Multiple modes of presenting knowledge

COMMUNICATION: Empower students with to utilize tools they are familiar with to help communicate their needs and knowledge in a variety of different modes, Appropriate communication and relationships with peers and adults, Teach and foster skills in advocacy

Through these core values(4 c’s), students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge in an innovative manner, allowing them to be highly engaged with their learning. Students’ knowledge of and practice of the norms of collaboration will allow them to apply their learning to real-world situations.

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