Please call 303-982-6128

to make an appointment to enroll your student. 

Be prepared to bring the following documents;

·         Birth Certificate (and legal guardian papers if applicable)

·         Current Immunization Record

·         Proof of Address (a utility bill envelope with company return information and guardian name and address listed)

·         Transcripts or report card from last school

·         Current IEP or 504 if applicable



To withdraw, the student's parent/guardian must come to the school to complete the necessary paperwork.  Please bring your legal ID. All textbooks and library books must be returned and any fees/fines settled at the Fee Office. Once you are officially withdrawn, you will be given everything needed to enroll in a new school, including current grades and immunization records. 



Families who wish to enroll their student in a school other than their neighborhood school must complete a Choice Enrollment Application (available at schools or online on the Jeffco Enrollment page) and submit it to their school of choice. Applications for Choice Enrollment are accepted January through August for the following school year.  Students are accepted on a space available basis.  Round one applications are prioritized through a lottery process.  Waiting lists will be created if applicants exceed space available.  A separate application must be completed and submitted for each child.  Open enrollment may affect athletic eligibility and transportation is not provided for any choice enrollment student.



Always keep your family's address, phone number, email and emergency contacts up to date through Jeffco Connect. This is also where you can view your students school records including attendance, schedule, assignments and grades. Look for the Campus Portal link in the left column on your home page once you have logged into Jeffco Connect. You may go to that login page by clicking on the link below.

Parent Quick Reference Guide – Jeffco Connect

Easy Steps for Reviewing/Editing Your Student’s Information


Do you already have a Jeffco Connect account?

Yes: Log into Jeffco Connect using your account User Name and Password

No: Please contact Bell’s Registrar, Kathy Hays at 303-982-6128 to set up a

        User Name and Password.


Once you have your User Name and Password:

1. Log into Jeffco Connect

2. Click on your student’s name (If you have more than one student, each one will need to be verified individually).

3. Review each page for accuracy by clicking on each item on the left side of the screen in the gold column (Student, Residence, Contacts, Enrollment, Health, Language, Agreements). NOTE-changing your address in Residence changes for that student only. You will need to open Contacts to change to the same address for each parent/guardian.

4. Make any necessary changes on the appropriate page being sure to click the SAVE/NEXT button on each page. Make sure that the green bar at the top of the gold column is full or disappears when you…