This includes being on time at the start of the day and to every class.

The Bell attendance line is 303-982-4340

Please only call the attendance line when your student misses full days of school.

Please make appointments for your student after class time. Bell students are finished with class at 2:10 every day leaving plenty of time to schedule appointments after school.  Be aware that students entering and leaving class during class time not only disrupts your students work, but also the teacher and the entire class. 


When the only option is to bring or remove your student during class time, there is no need to call the attendance line beforehand. It is required that a legal guardian sign their student out and back in at the Attendance Office. That is the only approval needed.

Make sure to allow time when you arrive for your student to be called to the office, or…if you know your student will have an appointment during the school day, send a note with your student with the time that you will pick them up and have them bring it to the main office before first period and exchange it for a pass.  This process will help to ensure that your student is in the office waiting for you.

Every day that your student is absent must be excused by a call to the attendance line by the parent/guardian. 

Failure to comply will result in Truancy Intervention.