Library Check-Out Policies and Information

All Bell Middle School Students may:
  • have 2 library books checked-out at a time
  • loan periods for books are 2 weeks
  • a fine of $.10 per day is charged for overdue books
  • Magazines are available for overnight check-out
    • overdue fines apply to magazines
  • Library Passes are checked-out in the morning of use for a period of 1 day
    • overdue fines apply to magazines

Library Book Organization:
  • Fiction -  shelved by the Authors last name
    • ex)  a book by Veronica Roth will be in the fiction section in the R's   
      • FIC/Rot
  • Non-Fiction  - shelved by the Dewey Decimal System
    • the Dewey Decimal System is organized by subjects
    • all animal books will be together, etc
    • ex)  a book about bears would be in the 599 section
      • 599/AHL
  • Magazines - shelved by magazine title;  bring magazine to circulation desk to check-out

  • Reference books are available in the library for use in research
  • Computers are also available for web research
  • Jefferson County Public Library has Databases that are excellent resources for reliable, online information