Library Lunch Passes

The library is available during lunch to work on school work.   Our goal is provide you with necessary resources and a positive and safe working environment.   In an effort to keep better track of students, we are going to be handling Lunch Passes for the Library differently this year. 

Here is the procedure for using the library during lunch:
  • come to the library in the morning before your lunch period to check out a library lunch pass
  • fill out the pass and give it to Mrs. Mullen or the library assistant
  • the pass will ask for you name/ID # and what assignment you are working on
    your pass will be put into a sleeve with a barcode; the barcode will be checked out to your account

Library Pass

Date:__________________                   Lunch:      A         B          C



At Lunch:
  • come into the library after eating your lunch
  • give your library pass in the sleeve to Mrs. Mullen or the library assistant
  • work on your assignment
Overdue fees do apply to library passes so if you change your mind about coming in during lunch, return the pass as soon as possible.