Welcome to the Bell Middle School Library Website!  

Bell has won the Jefferson County Public Library Summer Reading Contest!  Congratulations, Bell kids!  We have some money to purchase some new books for OUR library.  What books would you like to see here?  Fill out the linked form with your suggestions!

Changes are coming to BMS Library!

Some exciting new furniture has been donated to the Bell Library. It will make it easier for us to work

together collaboratively. It looks nice too!

Interested in helping shape the new look of the library? Join the Library Advisiory Committee. We meet Tuesday and Thursdays in the Library at 2:20. Ms. Mullen and Ms. Bates are sponsors.

 New Books?

Having trouble accessing Jeffco Network with your personal device? Here's what to do:

Accessing Jeffco Instructional Network

Step 1:  Student logs-in to Jeffco Connect

  • click on their name

  • select Agreements from Menu on left

  • Read BYOD Code of Conduct

    • click “sign”

    • click “accept”

    • click “save”

It will take 24 hours for signature to apply.

Step 2:  Parents log-in to Jeffco Connect

  • follow same steps as above for their student(s).

It will take  24 hours for signature to apply.

Step 3:  Set-up each device according to Jeffco Specifications

Vision Statement:
The goal of the Bell Middle School Library is for all students to have the opportunity to learn in a safe, warm, and inviting environment using the latest and greatest tools to meet today’s standards to the best of their ability.

Mission Statement:
The focus for the Bell Middle School library is to meet the Jefferson County School District’s Educational Technology/Information Literacy Standards by:

·         introducing students to a variety of creative opportunities to enhance their academic projects
·         providing them with the appropriate tools and resources
·         guiding them through numerous research projects and literacy based activities while helping them along the way to learn responsibility,                             etiquette, and to become a successful, life-long worker.

Library hours are from 7:00 am - 3:00 pm 
    (a pre-arranged pass is required for lunchtime and before and after school requires parent permission.)

This website is a work in progress.  Please let me know if you want me to include something.

Hope to see you soon!
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