Bell Library Orientation

 Library Organization
  • Fiction books are shelved by their author  
  • Non-Fiction books are organized by their subject in the Dewey Decimal System.  
  • We have magazines available for overnight check-out
  • We have computers available for looking up books in our library catalog
  • We have computers available for use in schoolwork or homework
 Book Check-Out
  • Bell students may have 2 books checked out at a time
  • Books are checked-out for a period of 2 weeks
    • mark your due date in your planner or on your device
  • Magazines are checked out overnight only 
    • mark your due date in your planner on on your device
  • Overdue books and magazines are charged a fine of 10 cents per day.
  • Lost or damaged books must be paid for.
  • You can reserve a book that is not on the shelf.  Directions are next to student computers.
 Digital Citizenship    Using technology in our school is a privilege  not a right.  If you abuse technology, you will not be able to use it.
  • Google Apps
  • Schoology
  • Internet
Printing     You must ask permission to print in the library.
Wherever you are printing, be sure you know how much you are printing.
If printing pictures from the web, copy and paste to a word or google doc to reduce possibility of wasting paper 
Lunch Passes The library is available during lunch for schoolwork.  You need to get your pass in the morning BEFORE your lunch period.
  • ask librarian for pass
  • fill out form to indicate who you are and what you will be doing
  • librarian will  put form in sleeve and check-it out to you
  • give librarian pass when you come in for lunch 
If classes are using the library during lunch, no passes will be available.
After School     The library is available after school on Tuesdays or Thursdays until 3:00. 

Please get a JPL library card!