Language Arts: Writing

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Assignment and Writing Resources In Order:

Persuasive Shark Tank Resources:
  • Please see your Google Classroom for the assignment, outline, and rubric.

Argumentative Writing Resources

Click here to view the checklist for updating your websites for second semester student-led conferences!

Informational PBL Resources:

Outdoor Lab Reflection Essay information and sample:

Narrative Writing Resources:

"Where I'm From" poem and digital poem

Click here to view the writing prompts-For 20 minutes of free-writing homework, you may write about anything you want in any format you want (stories, poems, etc). If you get stuck, use these prompts to help you get started on your writing!

Student Websites:
Students will begin creating their own Digital Portfolio using Google sites. This work will be done in class, but absent students may CLICK HERE to view the step-by-step directions. If you're unsure what to do, PLEASE come to after school Tutor Time on Tuesday or Thursday!

CLICK HERE FOR THE "WELCOME TO READING AND WRITING" SYLLABUS please bring the last page in (or a note) signed that you and your parents have read the informationTurn ONLY the back sheet in SIGNED to your WRITING teacher!

Friendly Letter assignment: 
DUE in Writing Fri 8/25: Students wrote a friendly letter to their Writing teacher. Click here to see an example!

Google Classroom Codes:

Ms. Ingro's Period 1: n63i9v
Ms. Ingro's Period 2: hz0q6xp

Ms. Pennington's Period 3: qfn4ca
Ms. Pennington's Period 5: r8f608
Ms. Pennington's Period 6: he2t1c
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