Language Arts: Reading

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Tic Tac Toe Resources:

What to write when I'm annotating:
20 minutes independent reading with annotating: 3-5 stickies with questions, interesting or unfamiliar vocabulary, noticings (plot elements, writer’s craft, figurative language, conflict, setting, symbolism...), character traits, connections (text to text, text to self, text to world...), etc.

Annotations Fuzel Video.mp4

Schoology codes:
Ingro Period 3: 6GFBD-KG7DX                                Pennington Period 1:
Ingro Period 5:  G7224-WGHJQ                                        Pennington Period 2: 
Ingro Period 6:   XN3CS-9Z6GW

A Long Walk to Water research project resources:

CLICK HERE FOR THE "WELCOME TO READING AND WRITING" SYLLABUS please bring the last page in (or a note) signed that you and your parents have read the information! Turn ONLY the back sheet in SIGNED to your WRITING teacher!

Baseball Card activity: DUE in Reading Fri 8/25: Students created a "baseball card" about themselves, including a picture and some basic info!

Google Classroom Codes:
Ms. Pennington's Period 1: qxol3x2
Ms. Pennington's Period 2: 4v83kqp

Ms. Ingro's Period 3: r nke2i0
Ms. Ingro's Period 5: 8hg9k6
Ms. Ingro's Period 6: 09k42ma

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