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 Teacher Class Email
Mrs. Smith
Math 6
Math 6/7
 Mrs. Kleeburg Math 7
Math 8
 Mr. CourkampMath 7
Math 8
Mr. Rold  Math 7
Math 8
Math Interventions
 Mrs. Buruse
Math 7/8
Math 8 
 Mrs. RaganMath 8  Susan.Ragan@jeffco.k12.co.us
 Mrs. Jones
Math 8

Grading Percentages
6th grade: 60% Assessments/40% Work Habits/ TRACKs
7th & 8th grade: 70% Assessments/30% Work Habits/ TRACKs

Left to right: Mrs. Smith (6 and 6/7), Mrs. Buruse (7/8 and 8), Mrs. Ragan (8), Mr. Courcamp (7, 8), Mr. Rold (7, 8, Intervention), Mrs. Jones (8, Algebra, Geometry), Mrs. Kleeburg (7, 8)

Math Department Common Policies

- All late work due by the end of unit/chapter assessment
    - Will be listed as 'M' in gradebook if missing/not submitted
    - Will be listed as 'L; if late credit was given
    - Will be listed as '0' if it can no longer be accepted

- Test corrections: recommended for scores below 65%, but optional for all 
    - Problems missed can receive half credit back
    - Corrections due within one week of when grade is posted in campus
    - Suggested that students come in on Tuesday/Thursday tutoring for help

- Textbook and online resources are at clever.com/in/jeffco
    - Login with @jeffcoschools.us information