Useful Links

Educational Resources for Adults and Children to maintain heart health on a daily basis.
Important facts, news and activities that your child/childern need to know to lead an active, healthy life!
Information on Carmody Recreation Center and activities they offer
Information on assessing student fitness levels and performance. Provides teaching tools and standards to help all students stay motivated to reach their fitness goals.
Nutrition information on fruits and vegetables and the role they play in being healthy and fit. Cooking tips and recipes are provided, along with additional resources and how to keep kids involved in their health.
Health and nutrition information, activities created by kids, games/information about the human body, recipes and whole lot more on keeping active and healthy.
United States Department of Agriculture provides information and updates on the current food pyramid guidelines.
Information for women regarding heart disease
Fun tips and activities to encourage positive nutrition and wellness for children.
Website full of fun activities, lessons and resources pertaining to Physical Education
Classroom based physical activities to engage students minds and bodies. Integration of academic concepts and objectives that get kids moving and learning more all in 10 minutes!
Information on pedometers, walking programs and maps of the United States to track walking progress and to stay motivated to keep moving ahead each day.