7th - 8th PE

Ms. Stenbeck & Mr. Keyes
Ms. Stenbeck email:mestenbe@jeffco.k12.co.us
Mr. Keyes email: gkeyes@jeffco.k12.co.us

                                             Bear Creek 6th, 7th/ 8th Grade

Physical Education

Class Objective: It is our goal to provide a safe and welcoming environment to all students that promotes health, wellness and fitness activities for a lifetime. We want our students to gain confidence, compassion, and knowledge and be mindful while participating in a variety of skill units, fitness activities and sports.


  • All students are expected to participate safely and respectfully.
  • Safety is our primary concern.  No roughhousing will be allowed such as: pushing, shoving, hanging on basketball rims, pull-up bars, using equipment as a weapon etc. Students will be expected to follow all safety rules for each unit.
  • All students are expected to DRESS OUT DAILY.
    •  Dressing out = wearing proper athletic shoes (with laces) a shirt, shorts or sweatpants that allow for movement.
    • ALL clothes need to be appropriate for movement and lots of various fitness activities. Low-cut shirts, short shorts, skirts/skorts, baggy pants, jeans and hooded sweatshirts ARE NOT appropriate for 6,7,8 BC PE classes.
    •  Participation points may be deducted for coming to class unprepared repeatedly.
  • A doctor’s note is REQUIRED for a student to be excused from class participation, due to injury or illness.
  • Each student will need to keep their personal belongings in their school locker for the duration of class. For example: cell phone, wallet, keys etc. These items should not be left in the locker room at any time during the class period.  The Physical Education Department is not responsible for any lost or stolen items!
  • Vandalism affects everyone and is not tolerated.  Please be proud of your school and yourself and report any vandalism of which you have knowledge.


GRADING: Your grade is based on the following categories…

·         Participation/ Behavior: Students are expected to participate daily, put forth effort towards every unit/skill. Students are expected to demonstrate fair play, self-control, kindness and leadership skills. Listening to and following directions are important for a successful PE experience.

·         Skills/Unit Content Knowledge: This includes fitness activities such as PACER test, sit-ups, push-ups, Fitness Friday’s and skills being taught in the current unit or sport. May also include skill/game strategy.

·         Written:  Students will be given tests & quizzes on fitness and nutrition concepts and rules/content of the current unit/activity being taught.



 Please fill out the bottom portion and have your son/daughter return it to their PE teacher.  

You are signing that you have read the above information and acknowledge the Physical Education expectations.


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Best phone number to contact: _______________________________________


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 Bear Creek K-8 Physical Education classes may need to be held off-campus on the high school athletic fields or local tennis courts due to specific skill/fitness units that your child will participate in. All students will be supervised at all times.

By signing below, I am giving Ms. Stenbeck and Mr. Keyes the permission to take my child off campus for various skill/fitness units.


My Child, ___________________________________________ has permission to go off-campus during their Physical Education class to participate in skill/fitness activities on the high school athletic fields or local tennis courts.



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