10 Sentences due jueves 19 de abril

1. He is writing a book (escribir)

2. She is dancing in the house (bailar)

3. They are eating the steak (comer)

4. We are reading the homework (*leer)

5. I am buying the necklace (comprar)

6. We are studying for the test (estudiar)

7. Are you sleeping? (*dormir)

8. I am going to the party (*ir)

9. She is listening to the teacher (escuchar)

10. She is walking to her friends house (caminar)

Spanish 1:


1.Levántate, por favor – stand up please

2.Pasa a la pizarra – come to the board

3.Saquen una hoja de papel – take out a piece of paper

4.Siéntate, por favor – sit down please

5.Trabajen con un compañero – work with your partner

6. Entreguen las hojas – turn in your papers

7.Por favor, ¿puedo ir al baño? – please may I go to the bathroom

8.Por favor, ¿puedo ir a la enfermera? – please may I go to the nurse

9.Apaga la computadora – turn off the computer

10.Prende las luces – turn on the lights

11.Abre la puerta – open the door

12.Cierra el libro – close the book

13.Sí, ve – yes go

14.No, lo siento – no sorry

15.Presta atención – pay attention

16.Date la vuelta – turn around

17.Silencio por favor – quiet please

18.Lee conmigo - read with me

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