Ms. Ritzke

Ms. Hartford

Outdoor Lab: May 6 - May 10
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Bear Creek Sixth Grade

At Bear Creek, we strive to teach to the whole student, offering programs in academics as well as athletics. Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of our student populace as they venture toward their middle school and high school years through the following means:

  • Programs in science, leveled math, literature, composition, grammar, social studies, math, special education, art, music, and physical education.

  • Introduction of middle school textbooks: literature,  science, social studies, math
  • Use of lockers as an intermediate step between elementary and middle school
  • Interdisciplinary support between teachers.
  • Assured communication between teacher and parent for the overall education of the student

  • Assistance in study skills, organization and homework through the use school assignment books 

  • Increased student commitment to special programs: Outdoor Lab, Spelling Bee, competitive Athletic Program.


All sixth grade students at Bear Creek should set high expectations for themselves by consistently striving to assume responsibility in these areas:

1. Personal Learning

a. complete all assignments on time

b. work independently

c. take initiative for extended learning


2. Personal Behavior

a. display appropriate behavior and self-control

b. respect authority

c. follow directions

d. accept constructive criticism


3. Class Norms

a. respect the rights of others

b. participate in class

c. be thoughtful and curious

d. show positive leadership ability

e. take care of own and others' property