Academic Excellence (all 3s and 4s wherever possible 3rd trimester)

Academic Achievement (all 3s plus two 4s)

Conferred at the end of the year only. All areas of measurement will be included in the calculation.

Citizenship (two students from each class per trimester awarded at assembly, but pictures will be posted at trimester intervals)

Perfect Attendance for the entire year

Specials Awards (top honors i.e., records, karate recorder, art shows, Pikes Peak)

AR - Top Ten Readers

    Awarded each trimester.  Pictures posted on bulletin board.  Certificates conferred at end of year assembly.

Core Scholar (Core subjects considered only; conferred or each trimester; awards given at the end of year assembly.)

At least one 4 in each of these areas:




    Social Studies OR Science

No 2's in the Core Subjects.