Language Arts

Launching the Writing Workshop
Using Imagery
Short fiction/ Short Stories
Writing to Explain
My Opinion Counts: Persuasive Writing
Review of Previous Studies
Informational Writing
Pulling the Learning Together


Creating a Culture of Readers
Exploring Characters
Nonfiction Part 1: Digging Into Text Features
Tools for Uncovering the Main Idea and The Details
Nonfiction Part 2: Looking at Text Structures
Revisiting the Main Ideas and Details
Reading With Confidence: Higher Level Comprehension
It’s Complicated: Human Experience Through Literature



  • Unit 1: Place Value and Multi-digit Addition and Subtraction

  • Unit 2: Multiplication with Whole Numbers

  • Unit 3: Division with Whole Numbers

  • Unit 4: Equations with Word Problems

  • Unit 5: Measurement

  • Unit 6: Fractions Concepts and Operations

  • Unit 7: Fractions and Decimals

  • Unit 8: Geometry



Compare and Contrast: Forms of Energy
Compare and Contrast: Components of Solar System
Compare and Contrast: Past and Present Living Systems
Compare and Contrast: Characteristics of Living Things
Compare and Contrast: Organisms and Ecosystems


Social Studies

Choices and Opportunity Cost
Compared to Colorado