Oral Communication Speeches

 2017 - 2018  

Dates for Speeches:


January 17                Bring in your favorite toy and be prepared to tell why it

                                 is your favorite.


January 24                Recite “Just Watch” to the class.


January 31                Share a picture of your family with the class (including you).


February 7                 Bring in a picture of your pet or favorite animal.

    Be prepared to share three interesting facts about the animal.


February 14               Teach us “how to” do, make, etc. something in three minutes.

                                 Please no food cooking demonstrations. (Ideas: magic tricks,

                                 science experiments, how to play a game, how to tie your shoe)


February 21              Recite “Rainy Day” to the class.


February 28              Please tell us your birthday, home address and phone number.


March 7                    Recite “Little Turtle” to the class.


March 14                  Make a collage about your favorite place on earth using magazine                                        and other pictures.  A sheet of construction paper will be sent home                                       one week prior to the due date for your child to complete this project.


March 21                  Recite “Keep a Poem in Your Pocket” to the class.


Click on the link below to access a copy of our
Oral Communication Poems!

Little Girl Wearing Glasses Communication Speeches