Additional Cross Country Information:

Shoes: Please look into purchasing a quality pair of running shoes for your child. It is imperative that we aim to minimize the amount of injuries that could potentially arise from improper footwear. I highly recommend that you go to a running store such as Runner’s Roost. There staff is extremely knowledgeable and  full of  a mix seasoned runners. Please consider going to the Lakewood Runner’s Roost at Wadsworth and Alameda, (mention BCK8 and Coach Stenbeck to receive a discount on shoes).

Injuries/soreness/fatigue: It’s expected that your child may experience soreness, fatigue and hopefully not any injuries, but they do happen. If your child at any time expresses to you severe pain from running, please let me know so I can help minimize this by reducing mileage or having them take an extra recovery day.

            Common areas of soreness:

1.       Feet (blisters, hot spots, plantar fasciitis)

2.      Knees

3.      Shins (shin splints)

4.      Calf muscles

5.      Quadriceps

6.      Hamstrings

7.      Lower back

These can be easily taken care of through stretching, ibuprofen, ice, rest, orthotics (if needed), and proper running shoes. If anything becomes persistent and extremely painful, please let me know ASAP.

Grade Check: Every student is required to have a weekly grade check of their academics and behavior for eligibility to compete in all scheduled meets. Please be aware of the academic and behavioral expectations for eligibility listed in the athletic packet.

Cell Phones: Students will not be allowed to use any CELL phone or electronic device during scheduled practice times and meets. The only exception to this is if the workout for the day requires the use of a phone.  Students may use CELL phones at the END of practices and at the END of meets.

Team Parent: If you are interested in volunteering your time by assisting Coach Stenbeck and/or  Coach Rainey, at meets and for our TEAM Banquet, please let one of the Coach’s know ASAP.

Parent/ Guardian Drivers: If you are available and willing to take student athletes to the meets, you MUST provide a copy of your driver’s license to Debby Johnson in the BCK-8 main office PRIOR to transporting any student athlete. Please also provide Coach Stenbeck with your contact information (phone number and email) for reminders and any updates to meets that may take place.

Suggested clothing for ALL practices and meets: Please read over the following list of clothing and be sure to pack these items in your bag for EVERY PRACTICE and MEET. You may not need them, but if you do not have them, they will not be provided for you.

1.       Running shoes

2.      Running Watch ( may purchase one at target or Walmart for a low price)

3.      Inhaler for Asthma ( if needed, please bring to practice and meet)

4.      Racing flats or second pair of running shoes to compete in for meets.

5.      BCK-8 uniform (tank top and shorts)

6.      Team t-shirt (ANY BCK8 shirt will do more the time being)

7.      Tights (black or green preferred)

8.      Bike shorts for underneath uniform shorts

9.      Long Sleeve white t-shirt(under armor or something that has wicking material)

10.   Stocking cap

11.    Running ear band (to cover ears in cold weather or wind)

12.   Gloves (skiing mittens or snowboarding gloves not permitted or recommended)

13.   Running socks (several pairs, may need to change if your feet become wet or muddy)

14.   Sweatpants

15.   Hooded sweatshirt/ light weight jacket

16.   Sunglasses

17.   Sunscreen

18.   Kleenex

19.   Healthy snacks- (please see attached list of recommended snacks)

20.  Water

Healthy Suggestions for Pre & Post Practice or Meet Meals/Snacks

1.       Banana’s

2.      Grapes

3.      Apple ( with or without peanut butter)

4.      Oranges

5.      Granola bars ( low sugar preferred)

6.      Clif bars, Luna bars, Kind, powerbar, Zone

7.      Bagel ( whole grain with Low-fat cream cheese or peanut butter)

8.      Turkey sandwich with low fat mayo/mustard, whole wheat bread preferred

9.      Carrots (watch portion size, they do contain sugar)

10.    Vegetables with low fat dressing or hummus

11.    Greek yogurt( consider adding fruit and/or granola)

12.   Trail mix ( watch portion size, high in calories and fat)

13.   Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich

14.   Almonds

15.   Pasta ( with or without meat sauce)

16.   Toast

17.   Eggs

18.   Salad with low-fat dressing

19.   Fish ( salmon, grilled or baked, please avoid fried if possible)

20.  Chicken ( grilled, baked, sautéed, please avoid fried)

21.   Beef ( low fat if it’s hamburger, lean cut on steaks)

22.  Beans, lentils

23.  Oatmeal

24.  Cereal with low-fat milk (NO sugary cereals, I know frosted flakes rock but they’re not the healthiest choice!!)

25.  Sweet Potato’s

26.  Protein Shakes

27.  Gatorade ( Not allowed to consume unless it’s watered down. Half water/Half Gatorade)

These are some SUGGESTIONS of healthy choices to consider when planning meals or snacks. If you are unsure about a food or snack please ask Coach Stenbeck or Coach Rainey for further direction.