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What We Learn in the Library

Classes with regular library times follow the library curriculum.  The curriculum is a work in progress.  Learning where students are with their knowledge of how to use the library and having them discover why that is important has been a majority of the work put in this year.  If your student has a regular library time you can read below regarding the content we have covered.  Please ask your student about their library time and what they have learned.

K-1st Grade PARENTS

Ask your student the three things we do when they come to library.  They should remember: 
1-We share a story 
2-Mrs. Ryckman tells us something cool about the library 
3-We check out books.  

Being able to share the library and its resources is a great joy for me.  I hope that your child takes away a love of reading and learning from their time spent with me.  If you ever have questions please contact me.Although this is simplified, the goals are 1-Student gain an appreciation of reading, are exposed to varied vocabulary and experience a wide genre of books they might not choose on their own. 2-Something "cool" about the library has mostly been about the Dewey Decimal System and how to find non-fiction books.  Each week we introduce a category and look at a books in that category.  Cool things about the library also included a tour and other library specific information.  It is amazing what 5-7 year old find cool.  3-Checking out books is a skill that seems intuitive but needs a lot of repetition and opportunity to use these skills. Students chose their own book(s), sometimes I will veto books based on content and age appropriate but most of the time they can check out books they find interesting from our "everybody" book collection or from the non-fiction section.  I hope that you read the books that your student brings home. 

3rd-6th Grade PARENTS 
We spent the first month of school reviewing library skills and learning a few new ones.  The first few week we did a short lesson on the expectations in the library and how to find books we need and books we like.  This included being able to put books on hold as well as searching for books by title, author or series.  October was filled with learning about how and why we chose books - tips and strategies as well as a few read aloud of different passages of books that may look boring but are very engaging - if you give them a chance.  November and December we worked on Internet Safety and understanding.  Under the Parent Resource tab you can find on-line information as well as helpful tips on how to be cyber smart.  The end of December we will focus on the Colorado Book Award nominees and encouraging students to read them.  You can see the gallery of titles on the homepage.