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21 Feb.

Congratulations to both our girls and boys basketball teams on making it to the state playoffs! The girls are the 10th seed overall and the boys are the 3rd seed overall. Both have first round byes and will be hosting second round games this weekend as follows:

 Fri 2/23 GHS Girls vs. Pueblo East              6:00 pm Golden High School

Sat 2/24 GHS Boys vs. Pueblo Central

 6:00 pm Golden High School

 Please come out and support both these teams as they make a run at a title. Look for further information as the tournament continues. Should both teams win, they would move on to the Sweet 16 next Tuesday and Wednesday.

9 Feb 2018

Sad News

Dear Golden High School families,

I have some sad news to share with you. Our former teacher and forensics coach, Lowell Sharp, passed away Thursday. His death is believed to be caused by natural causes, and our thoughts are with his daughter Tammie Peters and family during this very painful time.  Mr. Sharp dedicated 54 years to working with Golden High School students.

We do not have any information about a memorial service at this time; however, we will pass it along at the direction of the family.

If your student has questions about death and loss, you may consider discussing any worries they may have about it. Our school counselors are available if your student needs support during the school day. If you or your student is struggling with grief and needs extra support immediately, please contact either the Jefferson Center for Mental Health, 303-425-0300, or the Colorado Crisis Service hotline, 1-844-493-8255. 

Again, our deepest condolences go out to the Sharp/Peters family. 

6 Feb 2018

Dear Golden and Arvada Area School Families,

 Last night we received a bomb threat to schools somewhere in Golden or Arvada. As we always do, we take all threats seriously and Jeffco Public Schools security and local law enforcement worked into the night attempting to identify the suspect.  During that time, schools in the areas were searched and nothing has was found. School principals and facility managers are walking the buildings this morning as an added precaution.

 We suspect this is an unfounded threat, but have not been able to confirm. Schools will operate normally today with increased security presence and the investigation will continue.  We believe the best place for our students is in school, and do not want to overreact and encourage this type of threat. We are dedicated to educating students and though safety is a priority, we need to take this threat seriously but not allow student learning to be interrupted.  

 We wanted to inform you of the threat so that you may make the judgement call for your student.

 If there are any further developments we will send another communication. Thank you.


 Jeffco Public Schools


First day of school for the 2018-19 school year is 16 for Students.  Staff will report on 8 Aug.

2 Feb

Parent Teacher Conferences

Conferences are being held on Wednesday, 7 Feb from 3:30-6:30.  Conferences are held in the academic building.  They are a first come first serve discussion with your student's teacher.  Please limit your conversation to 5 minutes.  If you feel you need more time, please contact your teacher by email, and they will be happy to set up a separate meeting time to discuss you student's progress.

Choice Enrollment

The 2018-19 choice enrollment season is approaching. First round will begin January 8 and go through January 31. The policy has been translated into Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese. The translated versions are available on Board Docs.

All choice forms (including administrative transfer) have been updated and are available on the Enrollment website I cannot take completed forms until the 8th of Jan.  Please do not try to turn them in early.

Dear Parents & Guardians

E-Cigarette, Juul, and vaping device use have become an increasing concern for teens in Jeffco. The surgeon general sent out an alarm last December due to a 900% increase in teen use. See article and Surgeon General's Info page.

Attached are two additional informational brochures so that you are prepared to answer questions and have conversations with your student about the consequences of using these devices. Students caught using them at school and school events will be subject to a consequence ranging from possibly a ticket, a in school suspension or an out of school suspension. We want your child making healthy choices and with your support, we can hopefully spread the word to discourage vaping device use.

The picture above shows four different type of devices.

Past Notes From the Principal 


Important Dates

updated 15 Jan 2018


Feb.19 -No School – Presidents Day

Feb. 22- Chili Cook off and Silent Auction

Feb. 20/21 23/24 27/28 BB Playoffs.  

Feb.- 26 Spring Sports begin

Mar.- 2/3 5/6 BB Playoffs

Mar. 22 -Academic Letter banquet 7:00AM

Mar. 26-30 Spring Break

Apr. 10- PSA, SAT No school 

May 7 - AP Exam Chem./AP Spanish Lit. & Culture (8 am)

May 7  AP Psychology (12 pm)

May  8 - AP Seminar / AP Spanish Language & Culture (8 am)

May 8 AP Art History / AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based (12 pm)

May 9 -  English Lit/Comp (8 am)

May 9 AP Japanese Lang.  & Culture / AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based (12 pm)

May 10 - AP U.S. Gov’t/Politics(8 am)

May 10 AP Chinese Language & Culture / AP Environmental Science(12 pm)

May 11 - AP German Language & Culture / AP United States History (8 am)

May 11  AP Computer Science Principles (12 pm)

May 12-Prom

May 14 - AP Biology /  Music Theory (8 am)

May 14 AP Physics C: Mechanics (12 pm)

May 14 Special Exam Time. AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism 

(Only given at (2 pm)

May 15 - AP Calc. AB / AP Calc. BC (8 am)

May 15  AP French Language & Culture / AP Computer Science A (12 pm)

May 16 - AP English Language & Composition (8 am)

May 16AP Italian Language & Culture / AP Macroeconomics (12 pm)

May ? Pops Concert

May 17- AP Comparative Gov.  & Politics / AP World History (8 am)

May 17  AP Statistics (12 pm) 

May 18 - AP Human Geo. / AP Microeconomics (8 am)

May 18  AP European History / AP Latin (12 pm)


May 17- Senior Awards

May 18- Moving up ceremony

May 18- Graduation Rehearsal – Sr. Picnic

May 18- Senior’s last day

May 19- GRADUATION– Saturday 9:00AM School of Mines unless it is snowing, and then we will move to the gym, with limited seating.


May 22- Under classmen Awards 7 pm

May 24- Last day for students /11:55 dismissal.

May 28 - Memorial Day (No School)

May 30- Teacher’s Last Day

Important Announcements


Jeffco Security: Behind the Scenes

Jeffco Security: Behind the Scenes
Posted on 02/21/2018

Tragic incidents are taking place in our world at a seemingly increased rate; we know it is alarming and puts people everywhere on edge when school violence occurs. To maintain the safety and security of our students, staff, facilities, and certain confidential partnerships and processes, we cannot share all the details of our security procedures. However, here are some specifics we can tell you about.

We are a very large school district. We have 157 schools spanning 750 square miles. Although we have standard policies and procedures in place, they do vary by school depending on the situation and the building. Because our schools were built in an era where the threat of school violence was not a consideration, we face many challenges with building design. We strive to mitigate these challenges with robust training, technology, and thorough and well-developed protocols and plans. Our principals, facility managers, security and emergency management team, and first responders work together throughout the year to identify risks and put measures in place to reduce these risks. Our buildings are equipped with secure entrances, access control systems, intruder alarms, and video surveillance.

Our security measures include annual "lockdown/active attacker" student and staff training and practice, monthly school drills, and extensive security staff training. In addition, each school has a threat assessment team that receives training annually. The district security and emergency management department includes the office of threat management, which is responsible for all district threat assessments. That team works with the District Attorney’s office, Jeffco Mental Health, local and county law enforcement, school staff, and other district personnel.

Our program also includes a crisis mental health team that responds to students in crisis, and the most robust Safe2Tell program in the state - a program that ensures every tip received is reviewed by the school principal, district security, and local law enforcement. Jeffco security has a 24/7/365 emergency dispatch center that monitors life safety alarms, video surveillance, and two-way radio traffic from all Jeffco schools. The department includes an armed security patrol division, with members trained as first responders working around the clock, as well as the campus supervisor program with members in all Jeffco high schools.

One of our greatest safety supports in Jeffco Public Schools is the robust school resource officer (SRO) program. SROs from seven law enforcement agencies in Jefferson County provide an increased level of safety for all of our schools. These officers and deputies are trained to work with kids, respond to any threat, offer guidance on student behaviors and juvenile law, and mentor students. We are truly grateful for this ongoing support.

We can promise you that safety is a high priority at Jeffco Public Schools, and it always will be. Because we hold ourselves to the highest safety standards, we review our safety and security protocols constantly and implement new training and protocols based on the incidents you hear about on the news. Jeffco Public Schools has a reputation for utilizing best practices in school safety and security, and we are frequently called upon by school districts across the country to consult on these matters.

You can find an overview of emergency situations that can occur in schools and related protocols here. If you are interested in school-specific information, reach out to your school directly.

The best way families and community members can support our school district is to be aware of our protocols, keep your contact information current in JeffcoConnect, talk with your student about safety and reporting, and encourage others to do the same.



Dear Jeffco Families and Staff,

I want to reach out to you because I am sure the terrible news out of south Florida is affecting us all. It is sad to me that school shootings and violence seem so prevalent in our world today, and I imagine many of you are feeling the same way. I know our hearts go out to the families and community affected by this tragedy, especially considering Jeffco’s history. 

When school violence such as this - and other recent similar incidents - happen, much of the attention rightly falls on the horrific event and the unimaginable loss. But, we should also remember, in these darkest moments we also hear stories of incredible kindness, love, heroism, and humanity. 

I know media stories about school violence make it seem like sending our children to school is a risky proposition. However, our schools are one of the safest places our children can be. Schools create an environment where kids learn and experience life. School is where our children make friends, feel the joy and value of gaining knowledge and realizing success, take part in activities that have a life-long positive impact, have access to music and the arts, and so much more.

Jeffco Public Schools works very hard to make our schools as safe as they can be and we take school safety very seriously. However, we know some students and families may be struggling to make sense of the events that took place today in Florida.

If you, or a student in your life, is struggling, please take some time to talk about these thoughts and feelings. Here are some resources to guide you:

·         Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers

·         Tips: Talking to Children After Traumatic Event


We all know strong communication and watching out for each other is the best safety measure for our children, students, staff, and our entire community. Students can go to or call 877-542-7233 to anonymously report anything that concerns or threatens them, their friends, family, or school community. Jeffco Public Schools staff monitors this important source of information constantly to provide supports for students in crisis. All of us have a responsibility to tell school administrators if we have information that may affect the safety of our students or staff.

Please take the time necessary to talk with the young people in your life about this issue. Processing and understanding are important steps to healing. Let us make sure we are there to support our students through this difficult time.

Kind regards, 
Dr. Jason Glass
Superintendent and Chief Learner



Choice/Open Enrollment for the first round is closed. Letters to those students accepted during the first round will go out on Monday, 5 Feb.  Please be prompt in returning your letter of confirmation.  I currently have 91 applications, and I will be only taking approximately 40 students.

The Golden High School projected enrollment for next year is growing.  This will have an impact on our ability to take choice/open enrollment students.

Grade 9    320

Grade 10   385

Grade 11   339

Grade 12    286

The total of 1,330 students is our current projection. This means  we will not be taking a large number of choice students.  The reason behind this is the expected enrollment of almost 400 freshmen the following school year.  Our building is designed for approx. 1400 students.  If we retain all our current student populations and add 400 to the 2020 school year, we will be approaching just over 1400 students.  This is population is not something GHS can easily maintain.  

I will be updating the numbers as we go through the registration and choice enrollment process.   

7 Dec

Dear Parents and Students,

Please see the information in the Golden at a Glance about the vape pens and Juuls.  The use of these devices is becoming problematic.  This week alone, we have dealt with 25 students and have gathered almost 30 different types of devices and paraphernalia which goes along with them.  Students have been caught using these in class, in bathrooms and on and around campus.  


The discipline which we have been doing to help curb this usage has not worked as a deterrent.  Therefore, beginning on Monday, 11 December, any student using or possessing a vape pen, Juul or other type of e-cigarette, nicotine, or vapor delivery device, will be suspended for three (3) days for the first event, and five (5) days for each recurring incident.

GHS is also working with the Golden Police Department to educate our students and parents  about the variety of pens that are on the market, and some of the health effects around vaping.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or your student’s assistant principal, counselor, or Officer Guess of the Golden Police Department.


Keeping the main thing the main thing: learning.

On October 11, to coincide with my 100th day on the job as Superintendent with Jeffco Public Schools, we released a new vision document for the community. Jeffco Generations: A Learning-Centered Vision for our Community’s Schools lays out a proposed direction.
By intention, Jeffco Generations builds on the work already underway in the district with the Jeffco 2020 Vision. That work focused on changing the student learning experience, specifically on embedding a set of key skills within education including critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and personal responsibility. That vision had an accompanying strategic plan which ran from 2015-2017. As we come to the end of that period, it begs us to consider where we go from here.

Focusing on the student learning experience is the right work, and we mean to go deeper into profoundly and positively having an impact on how our kids are learning. Content mastery (facts) still matter. But skills such as analysis, influence, entrepreneurialism, collaboration, and adaptability matter more. Going even beyond these, we must consider what talents, passions, and dreams our students have – and how we can design an educational experience for them which launches them into successful lives and careers.

Jeffco Generations was written after literally hundreds of conversations with the community and an intensive effort to understand the context and current performance of the district. Going forward over the next couple of months, I hope to engage the community in thinking and talking about the ideas in the document – vetting if they are indeed the right fit for Jeffco. I imagine there will be concepts which hit the mark, ones that need more clarification, and still others that need to be added.

Looking further ahead, we will then need to create a comprehensive strategic plan for this work that clearly identifies what we are trying to do, how we are trying to do it, how we will know if we are on track, and what we are going to do if we aren’t. That effort will involve assigning accountable teams for the work, aligning budgets to carry out specific actions, tracking performance metrics over time, and creating a system of internal and external accountability for results.

By design, Jeffco Generations contains no silver-bullet approaches, no quick-fixes, and no politically-loaded education reforms. Instead, it asks us to get the work down to the student level and consider how we can dramatically improve.

Jeffco Generations also asks us to consider adding a new organizational value for Jeffco: An Entrepreneurial Spirit. Our schools and our students operate in a hyper-competitive and lighting fast world. For our schools to survive and for our students to prosper, we must adapt to this new reality. We will intentionally be encouraging and empowering our schools to take some calculated risks, to innovate, and to consider new ways of better serving our students.

I encourage you to take the time to learn more about this work, and engage in one of the many opportunities to talk about this effort over the next few months. You can add comments or thoughts on my blog at and expect a personal response from me.

Also, we are coming up on the scariest time of year. That’s right, folks – I mean election season! As many of you know, three of five seats for the Jeffco Public Schools board of education are up for election this year. In District 1, incumbent Brad Mitchell is running for re-election against challenger Matt Van Gieson. In District 2, incumbent Susan Harmon is running for re-election against challenger Erica Shields. Board President Ron Mitchell is running unopposed for District 5.

As a public servant, I’m prohibited from encouraging any vote for or against any issue or person on the ballot. I have had the chance to meet with all the candidates and also to attend events during the campaign to hear their perspectives and ideas. I encourage you to get out and meet the candidates and make an informed choice this November. Ballots are already in the mail so be sure and exercise your right to vote!

On behalf of all of us with Jeffco Public Schools, thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve your family. We have the greatest jobs in the world – working with your kids!

Jeffco students, parents, families, staff, and community members may engage with Dr. Glass via Twitter @COJasonGlass and through his blog,


Today we conducted our annual LOCK DOWN DRILL. This is something we practice twice a year.  The goal of everyday is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all our students, staff, and visitors.