Awest Tech Team

 "Technology has the shelf life of a banana."

~ Scott McNealy

Objective of this site: To use Jeffco Google Apps to collaborate as we work through our meeting agenda.

Mission of the Tech Team: To help ensure our staff and students have the technical skills and resources they need to be successful as defined by the ISTE NETS.

To be Successful: Feedback from teachers, technology assessment and survey results, monitor and adjust by evaluating ourselves and departments on the ISTE NETS. Measurement of Success: Ability to document growth in our teachers, students based upon goals set each year.

 Jeffco's Tech Plan
Objective 1 - Ensure the effective use of technology to enrich, monitor and increase 21st century student learning and achievement.
Objective 2 - Ensure all staff possesses the technology skills and knowledge to effectively operate in a 21st century learning organization.
Objective 3 - Ensure the effective use of technology to facilitate communication with staff, community and students.
Objective 4 - Ensure existing systems are streamlined to deliver efficient service and useful information.
Objective 5 - Ensure technology equity for students and staff.
Objective 6 - Ensure technology infrastructure is available to support a 21st century learning organization.