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Meet the Team!
Ms. Troutman - Science
Ms. Brown - Social Studies
Mr. Griesinger - Language Arts
Ms. Southwick- Math


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Drake After School Help 
Wednesdays & Thursdays
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We look forward to helping our students to  become successful, lifelong learners.  
To ensure this, teachers and parents, as 
well as students need to work together 
as a 
united team. 

Aspen Team teachers have high expectations for academic achievement.

Our instruction is based on Jeffco and Colorado State Standards.  We plan active, "hands on" lessons as part of our instructional strategies, which help make learning fun!  Students will be given opportunities to extend their learning 
through activities and projects.  


How to be successful
 1. Be prompt to class and seated by the bell.


2.  Bring paper, writing utensils and other necessary supplies daily.


3.  Write your classwork and homework in  your planner for each class, everyday.

4.  Actively listen to and follow directions.


5.  Complete all class assignments on time  and with pride.

6.  Homework is due at the beginning of class  unless otherwise specified.

7.  Follow class procedures for make up  work.


8.  Share all communication between  parents and teachers.

9.  Respect is THE DRAKE WAY!
10.  Contribute to the learning environment in  a positive way.

Aspen Team Expectations