Practice Tips

When should you practice?

*“Only on the days you eat!” -Dr. Suzuki

*Try to practice at the same time each time you practice. Setting up a routine can really help!

* Practicing at least 10 minutes every day will really help your learning in the classroom and help for your performances!           

How do you practice?
  • Set GOALS to try to accomplish in each practice session.
    • What am I trying to do?
  • Be sure you know what the passage should SOUND like.
    • What does this sound like?
  • Work on the most CHALLENGING spots first.
    • What are the hard parts?
  • Break the music down into SMALL sections (How do you eat an elephant? - One bite at a time!)
    • Pick one measure or a few measures or a whole line to work on first.
  • Use a PENCIL to write in helpful information.
    • Should I write in this fingering? What’s this note?
  • REPEAT the passage many times AFTER you get it right.
    • I need to play this a few more times.
  • Before you end each practice session, PLAY the entire piece, and enjoy!
    • Can I play the whole piece without stopping?