Cool Links

      Want to compose your own music? You can customize your own manuscript paper, print, and compose!
    Videos about every instrument and so much more!
Musician's kit for iPhone
    *Tuner, metronome and recording capabilities. Great practice tool and, it's FREE!
    *Band kids - your notes may not match what you see on the tuner. Please speak to Mrs. Woodley if you have questions.

Classics for kids
    *Music trivia, radio and podcast downloads, weekly composer feature, games, careers in music, information for parents

Creating music
    *Compose your own music

Dallas Symphony Orchestra kids
    *Games, famous recordings, composer biographies, ideas to make you own instrument, practice tips, information for parents

PBS Jazz kids
    *Learn about jazz music, listen to musical examples, explore what makes jazz music different than other types of music

Making music fun
    *Musical arcade, games, coloring sheets, blank music (manuscript) paper that you can print from your own computer, information on composers and musical instruments, information for parents

Play music
    *Music trivia and facts, information about instruments, a fun musical newsletter, a young composer's interview

San Fransisco Symphony kids
    *Create a postcard, test your musical vocabulary, study the instruments in the orchestra!

Sphinx kids
    *Celebrate diversity in classical music and learn about other cultures, learn about different composer ethnicities and how they're diverse lifestyles have impacted their love of music!

Music Jokes
    *Laugh about different instruments and musicians

Music Quotes
    *Awesome quotes about music or by musicians!
*TONS of videos and helpful tools to help you learn to play your instrument.

*Keep a steady beat and gradually increase the tempo as your skills improve.

*Test your knowledge of note names and fingerings for your instrument!

You can find many wonderful apps that can help with note reading such as Staff Wars, Whack - A - Note, etc.