Class Expectations

All band and orchestra students are held to a high standard of responsibility and must be willing to work hard in order to participate in instrumental music.

1. Bring your instrument, your music/book, your pencil and completed assignments to every class.  If you forget any of these items, or are unexcused (at school, but not in music class), you will earn a strike for that day.
                                    o   1 Strike=its ok, everyone forgets sometimes!

o   2 Strikes=note home to parents.  Please sign and return.

o   3 Strikes=phone conference with parent.

o   4 Strikes=student may be removed from instrumental music.

2. You are expected to be a contributing member of the group at every lesson.  This includes good musicianship, strong practice habits, and excellent behavior.  You are also expected to keep up with any classwork missed as a result of attending band and orchestra.  As a beginner, you are committed to band or orchestra until our first concert in November.  After that, we can decide together with your parents, teachers, and instrumental teachers if instrumental music is a good fit for you.  Advanced students are asked to make a full year commitment.

3. You are expected to be at every performance.  We only have 2 evening performances in the year, and one during the school day.  Please make arrangements to be at every performance, or let your teacher know well in advance of planned absences.  Emergencies do come up, and we appreciate a parent email or phone call to let us know if a student is unable to attend a performance.  

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Amy Woodley,
Aug 25, 2016, 8:26 AM