Class Contract

The following contract is signed and time stamped when you register for band and orchestra online.  Please register on the tab - Registration Information.

Musician’s Contract


As a Musician, I will:

Work hard and give my best effort in every band or orchestra class.

Have high expectations for my class and myself.

Be responsible for my instrument, music, and pencil.

Be responsible for the work I miss in my classroom while at music class.

Always go to music class when I am present at school, even if I forget my instrument.

Come to every performance.

Support my fellow musicians.

Ask for help when I need it.

Conduct myself like a musician at all times.

Set appropriate goals for myself, and work hard to meet those goals.

Celebrate my successes, even the little ones.

Not dwell on my mistakes or struggles, but fix them and move on.

Not quit just because I get a little overwhelmed.

Have a positive attitude in band or orchestra class and have fun!







Parent Contract


As a Parent of a Musician, I will:

Encourage my child to practice daily, and provide a quiet space.

Help my child to remember their instrument and supplies on class days to be successful in class.

Communicate with Mr. Harms or Mrs. Coy about any frustrations my child is having with their instrument.

Support my child on the extra class work they may have as a result of leaving to go to orchestra.

Come to performances and celebrate success with my child!








Musician and Parent Contract 2016.gdoc
Amy Woodley,
Aug 25, 2016, 8:21 AM