Questions and Answers

FAQs for Joining Band or Orchestra Class


WHO MAY JOIN BAND OR ORCHESTRA? Any 5th or 6th grade student can participate!


HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Classes are free!  Students will need to buy the book ($9-15) and any supplies needed for their instrument.  Some instruments take more to maintain than others, so be sure to ask.


WHAT ABOUT AN INSTRUMENT? Students have several music stores from which to rent.  Rentals usually cost between $19 and $50 per month.  Some stores give discounts for the first couple of months.  The school has some instruments that students may borrow for $125 for the school year.


WHAT IF I CAN’T AFFORD AN INSTRUMENT? Students who are part of the free or reduced lunch program will have the school instrument usage fee waived. We do have a limited supply of school instruments, so be sure to have a 2nd or 3rd choice if you can’t get your favorite.  The deadline to sign up for a school owned instrument is +  


WHAT IF I HAVE AN INSTRUMENT THAT I HAVE BORROWED FROM A FRIEND?  Please take it to a music store to make sure it is playable. See the local music store list.  Band or Orchestra can be very frustrating to a new student if the instrument does not play properly.


WHAT IF I FIND AN INEXPENSIVE INSTRUMENT AT A GARAGE SALE OR ON THE INTERNET?  Again, make sure it is playable before you buy it. Do a little research and make sure it is a quality instrument so you don’t get stuck with a lot of costly repairs later.  If you are not sure, talk with Ms. Skufca or take it to a music store for evaluation.  If it is a deal that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


WHEN DO CLASSES MEET?  Band and orchestra classes meet at school, 2 times per week during the school day.  Students are responsible for making up any missed work in their classroom.  All classes will begin the first full week of school.


HOW MUCH TIME AFTER SCHOOL DOES IT TAKE TO BE IN BAND OR ORCHESTRA?  We have 3 concerts and rehearsals this school year that band and orchestra students are responsible to attend.  Students are also expected to practice a minimum of 10 minutes, five times a week.  Make sure you are willing to commit to practicing before you sign up. 


HOW LONG IS THE COMMITMENT FOR BAND AND ORCHESTRA?  Band or Orchestra classes are a yearlong commitment.  However, if soon after the first concert you decide together, parent and child, that band or orchestra is not working for you, we can discuss the issues and find a solution.  Let’s work together to have a great year!