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Mrs. Harrell's 6th Grade

I am looking forward to another year teaching 6th grade at Prospect Valley!

Sixth grade is a year of substantial growth and by December I expect to find myself in the fiftieth percentile for height.  Over the next nine months students will be asked to take on more responsibilities, challenges, and freedoms than they've had in any other year.
I encourage students to speak for themselves and own their own successes and struggles. Through self-identified and monitored targets students will meet individually set goals, hopefully boosting their intellect, independence, and self-confidence.

My approach to creating an atmosphere where this level of achievement is possible is based in respect and positive reinforcement.  When a student knows that their teacher has invested in their ability to succeed, they start to invest as well. 

I aim for my students to enjoy their time in our classroom and leave more knowledgeable, more confident, and more prepared.  My ultimate hope is that they will find comfort in their individuality and further develop the strengths they will need to carry them through high school and beyond.
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