October Focus

Classroom Volunteer Opportunities
  • Cut, Color, Copy: I have resources and lesson materials for the following week ready every Friday. These need to be copied and filed by subject. I occasionally have foldable note-taking resources to be cut or colored to save classroom prep time. 
  • Literature Centers: On Tuesdays and Thursdays, students rotate through literature centers to focus on spelling, vocabulary, latin, reading comprehension and fluency skills respectively. Many of these centers integrate art or music, and need additional supervision. If you are available to supervise a center, please email Mrs. Edgel with the date of the Tuesday or Thursday that you would like to volunteer. Our literature circles class period is between 11:30 and 12:10.

Recent Announcements

Parent-Teacher Conferences

posted September 29th, 2014, 6:10 PM by A. Edgel

Parent-teacher conferences for our class will be conducted 
on October 12 and 13th, and October 20-23. Please check 
your e-mail for a Sign-up Genius link to select a 20-30 min
session to meet with Mrs. Edgel. All parents are encouraged
to participate in these conferences. Sessions will be 
available before and after school, during planning periods
and on select evenings.

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3rd-5th Grade Golf Field Trip

posted September 22, 9:25 AM by A. Edgel
Elementary students who will participate in the PE-sponsored
field trip will depart from the school at 8:45 on the morning
of October 9th. Students will travel to and from the golf
course by bus, and will return to school by 11:15 to continue
their day. Please bring a water bottle and apply sunscreen
before arrival at school that morning.  

What Are We Exploring this Month?

Mathematics: Saxon sections 7 and 8
Language Arts: Parsing English nouns and verbs
History: Pre-Soviet Russia
Reading: Tsarina, Katerina and the Bright Falcon
Science: Solutions, Compounds and Conservation of Matter
Writing: Fiction Narratives and the Hero's Journey
Latin: 1st Declension Nouns
Handwork: Faberge and Pysanka eggs

What Supplies and Materials do We Need?
Classroom: computer copy paper