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For information on SUMMER READING, click on the appropriate class in the green sidebar on the left.

For class handouts, readings, syllabus, or other various documents, click on the class in the green sidebar.

Useful Links:
Turn it in: turnitin.com
(To start, you need to create your own account by using your personal email address and personal password.  You need the Class ID# and Class Password from me, as well.  Once you've created your account, you can always access it by clicking this link and using your personal email and password.) 
Google Docs:  docs.jeffcoschools.us
(Use the site above rather than going directly through Google--the two sites are slightly different.)  Log in with your student # and your 8-digit birthday.)
MLA format:


You could put Announcements in a text box like this.  Pick insert Text Box in the content box.  It takes an extra step to edit, but it puts a heading and border around your text.

To edit it, click on the edit button, then click on the gear icon.

To delete it, click on the edit button, then click on this "text gadget" and hit the "X" (delete) button.