Art with Ms. Burke

Aimee Burke, Art Teacher

Hello and welcome to the Art Webpage!   

My name is Aimee Burke and this is my 4th year here at Prospect Valley. 
Check my blog, Art With Ms. Burke, to view student art projects and the standards/objectives they address!

I also have a private Instagram account for students and families to see what's happening in the art room! Follow me at: artwithmsburke

Congratulations to Charlotte Jones and Lily Johnson for having artwork featured in the 2016 Carnation Festival Art Show!

Many students also participated in painting a picnic table made by Wheat Ridge High School students, which was then displayed at the festival and auctioned off. The proceeds will benefit our Art Department! Thank you to Maria Carrasco and Lyric Cannon, who won the "Picnic Table Design Contest" and were our 6th grade Art Directors for this project.

In every grade we work on vital skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, creative problem solving, expression of self identity, in addition to studying artistic technique and visual culture. Students are also learning to write Artist Statements (which are hung with their artwork), so that they may self-evaluate and reflect on their products and the processes they went through to create their work. This is a great way to work on writing skills. Take a moment to read some of the statements next time you are in the halls, as they will give you great insight into their work!

Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions, or even just to stop by to say "hi!" I would love to hear from you

Visual Arts Curriculum

The themes for the first trimester from Jeffco’s Visual Arts Curriculum are:

1st Grade- Using Visual Vocabulary to Tell a Story

2nd Grade- Objects and the Still Life in Art

3rd Grade- Expressing Individual Ideas, Emotions and Feelings

4th Grade- Imagination, Invention and Abstraction

5th Grade- Visual Problem Solving: Design and Composition

6th Grade- Visual Vocabulary: Metaphor, Symbol and Expression

The themes for the second trimester from Jeffco’s Visual Arts Curriculum are:

1st Grade- Sequence and Patterns in Art

2nd Grade- Expressions and Emotions in Portraits

3rd Grade- Social and Cultural Functions of Arts: Honoring/Remembering/Teaching

4th Grade- Landscapes: Do artists always follow the rules?

5th Grade- Structure: Movement and the Human Form

6th Grade- Color and Perception

The themes for the third trimester from Jeffco’s Visual Arts Curriculum are:

1st Grade- Steps in Art Processes

2nd Grade- Land, Earth and Settings: Creating an Illusion of Space

3rd Grade- Practical Functions of Art: Architecture and Design

4th Grade- Aspects of Color

5th Grade- The Open Window or the Picture Plane: Exploring Value and Perspective

6th Grade- Connecting Art to the Human Experience: Influences and Implications