2017 Admissions

Dear Families:

Your child is considering 8th grade Honors Language Arts for the next school year.  This is exciting, and we commend your student for desiring to push him/herself academically.  After reviewing the course description and expectations for 8th grade Honors English, have a discussion with your child to determine if this class is the right fit. If so, please have your student print and complete the attached contract and return to their Language Arts teacher by Tuesday, March 7, 2017.

 Once the teachers receive your child’s interest form, teachers will go through an approval process to determine if your student is receiving the correct language arts placement.  The admission criteria are as follows:

·         80% or better 2nd trimester grade

·         Work ethic ranking (excellent, good, poor) from 7th grade ELA teacher

·         MAP score of 225 or higher for reading, OR

·         PARCC Meets or Exceeds for Reading

·         Student desire and Signed Contract

·         Overall recommendation from 7th grade ELA teacher


Course Description:

Honors courses have the same essential learning as corresponding non-honors school level courses; however, honors courses cover the content with more depth and complexity and require greater use of abstract and higher-level critical thinking skills.  Instruction facilitates advanced student learning through inquiry, collaboration, information literacy, authentic applications, and rigorous tasks.  Multiple forms of assessment evidence are used to guide instruction and reflect student progress. We strive not to ‘punish’ higher level students with extra work, but give them work that goes deeper and pushes for higher level analysis.  This will include higher level texts, poetry, short stories, videos, song lyrics, and nonfiction writings.  



If students complete the expectations for the honors program and maintain a minimum of 80% in Language Arts class, students will receive Honors designation on their report card and permanent record.  More importantly, they will be challenged as readers and writers, and be better prepared for higher level thinking challenges in the future.  


Admission Process

Download and fill out this contract.  Return it to you ELA teacher by March 7. Students will be notified of selection into the program no later than Friday, April 21, 2017.