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Mr. Novak's US History!

Welcome to the Mr. Novak's Early American History home page.  

The United States from 1789 to the early 20th century was an absolutely captivating time-period in our nation's history.  We were just beginning to experiment with ideas such as representative democracy and federalism, as well as making intrepid sojourns into the very heart of North America, where wolves and grizzlies vastly outnumbered people.  Our new nation then faced monumental challenges and was torn asunder, only to be carefully reconstructed with the help of savvy presidents, burgeoning industrialization, and the sweat and tears of newly arrived immigrants from every corner of the globe. 

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Unit 3: The Civil War (Jan-mid-March)

All homework, class schedule of learning activities and weekly news can be found on the calendar at the top of the page and in the US History news letter.  

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