Writing Workshop

Our iSTEM Writing Workshop is all about learning how to communicate effectively through writing. Many of our writing assignments are tied to science and/or social studies and our PBL units. We also work on writing for authentic audiences through blogging and writing competitions. The workshop format consists of writing centers, teacher conferring, and peer conferring. Many assignments will not make it to publication (summative content) but are designed as practice pieces (formative content) where students work on refining their craft.  Publication drafts of writing assignments will be posted on Schoology and turned in electronically.

Writing takes practice and we will do a lot of practice and revision in here. Sometimes even our publication pieces will need some more work. If students get a C or below on a publication piece, there is an opportunity to revise. Students will need to meet with Ms. Ranney either during class conferring time, Bobcat Time, or after school to discuss how to attack the revision. Students who choose to revise will have one week to complete the revision for grading. The revision can potentially receive 25% of the total points of the assignment and that score will be added to the original publication piece grade. Revision of publication drafts is not required.

District Curriculum: Writing Units.
  • Narrative Writing: Personal Narrative, Realistic, and/or Historical Fiction
  • Argumentative Writing: Consumer Product Review and/or Researched-Based Essay
  • Informational Writing: Feature Article, Information Book, and/or Historical Documentary Script
  • Arguments of Problem Based Inquiry and Research Design