Grading and Assessment

There will be many opportunities for you to practice your reading, writing, and communication skills. Showing me what you know, can do, and understand are essential components of earning a grade in ELA. Every activity you do in class is important, not only because they help you earn points, but because they will help you be more successful when it's time for to be assessed on what you understand. You will be graded in the following areas:

  • Work Habits - 30% (Do Now, class participation, Core Values, some homework, etc.)
  • Formative Content- 40% (quizzes, re-takes of assignments and tests, class work, some homework, etc.)
  • Summative Content - 30% (summative assessments, summative projects, publication drafts, etc.)
What's the difference between formative and summative content? Click here to find out.

What's the difference between grading and assessment? Click here to find out. 

Homework and classwork are generally practice.  Therefore, you will primarily be graded on work habits and formative content.  I will be giving you feedback as you practice these skills in class. All of the homework and classwork activities are intended to prepare you for the summative assessments, so participation and good work ethic is essential.  

  • Please see the Rubrics tab for more detailed information on grading criteria.  
  • The Calendar tab is a good place to check for due dates.  Please click on the particular assignment to see additional information.
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