English Language Arts

Welcome to world of middle school English Language Arts. I look forward to the hard work we are going to do this year.  Yay school!!!  Your iSTEM teachers spend a significant portion of the year working with you to become responsible, self-sufficient learners. We have multiple scaffolds in place to help you (and your parents) work with us on this crazy middle school journey. Parents and students, please make sure you refer to the iSTEM Parent Handbook with specific team questions.  It's your "go to" document for 7th grade iSTEM policies and procedures.  

Even though this is a STEM, class we still follow the same English Language Arts content that is expected of all 7th grade students in Jefferson County.  How you learn, how you express understanding, and the pace of instruction will be different from other classes.  You and your classmates will collaborate frequently to solve real world problems as you work through problem based units. Many of our PBL units are interdisciplinary so you will be working through problems that tie the core content course work together. You will often be studying reading and writing through a STEM lens and, at times, your coursework will look differently from your peers in other classes.  

Please read through the English Language Arts tabs to get the lowdown on our year.