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Team Nickname, Song, & Graphic

How do teams show themselves to the world?

How do people remember those teams?  

You will be randomly grouped to develop a team name, song, and design. Your team should use critical and creative thinking skills to develop our brand. Practicing collaboration and communication skills are essential in this task.

Team nickname parameters:  Futuristic, innovative, nickname our team around RED (on your schedule) .
Song parameters:  Appropriate for all, motivational, and fun. Create your own original song or find one that matches our goals.
Graphic parameters: Basic design that incorporates team nickname and vision. Graphic hopefully will be used to create team stickers!

Presentation: Your group will display your choice for nickname, song, and graphic on a given poster anonymously. All of our team members will then vote on our team nickname, song, and graphic for this 2017-2018 school year!